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A Man in Philadelphia Dies on Thanksgiving Day after being Attacked by Four Pit Bulls

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Pit bull (Photo: Labeled for reuse)

At about 9 pm on Thanksgiving Day 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an unidentified man died after being viciously attacked by four pit bulls. The attack occurred in the backyard of the dog owner’s home. A neighbor said that shortly before the attack, she had given the man a plate of food. According to Police Chief Inspector Scott Small, the victim knew the dogs’ owner, but they were not sure why the man was in the yard. The officer said the dog attack victim was covered in mud and dirt. The pit bulls were actively attacking the man when police arrived. Police allegedly shot and killed one of the dogs. The man suffered critical injuries in the attack and was transported to Temple University Hospital. At 10:18 pm, he was pronounced dead. Although a cause of death has yet to be officially determined, police said they believe a medical condition was a contributing factor in the man’s death.

Not counting this fatal attack, at least 21 people in the U.S. have been killed by pit bulls this year. One of those attacks occurred in El Paso, Texas. Jacob Brooks, age 4, was left unattended in an enclosed trampoline and was killed by five family dogs that were running loose in the backyard, one of which was a pit bull mix. A neighbor described the attack in horrific terms. Jacob was already dead when first responders arrived on the scene. On the same day, all of the dogs involved were euthanized.

The child’s parents were charged with felony injury to a child.

Every year, 60% or more of all fatal U.S. dog attacks are caused by pit bulls or pit bull mixes. Not even the dog that causes the second-most fatalities, usually the Rottweiler, comes anywhere close to causing the number of fatalities that pit bulls do. For instance, in 2016, pit bulls contributed to the deaths of 22 people and Rottweilers killed 2. The combined total of the two breeds consisted of 77% of all recorded dog-related deaths last year, and dogs of all other breeds combined contributed to the remaining 7 dog attack fatalities.

–Guest Contributor


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An Infant is Killed by the Family Dog in Houston, Texas, the Third Dog-Related Death in the State in 2017

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Pit bull (Photo: Labeled for reuse)

At about 3:10 pm on August 19, 2017, officers with the Houston Police Department (HPD) responded to a home on Nelwyn Street in north Houston, Texas, regarding the mauling of an infant by a family dog. They found that 2-month-old Michael Obergas had been mauled primarily in the torso area. He was transported by ambulance to the Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital and pronounced dead upon his arrival. An investigation was done by the homicide division of HPD, and it was determined that no charges will be filed against the baby’s parents. Obergas is the third person in Texas to be killed in a dog attack in 2017.

Police could not determine whether the male giant schnauzer or the Labrador was responsible for the fatal dog attack. For that reason, both of the family dogs were euthanized.

Parents told police that the parents stepped out of the room the baby was in. While they were away, one of the dogs managed to open the door and attacked the infant.

On January 17 of this year, 2-month-old Skylar Julius was killed by the family dog, a male German shepherd, in San Marcos, Texas. The family had owned the 8-year-old pet since it was a puppy, and it did not have a history of being aggressive. Possible criminal charges are pending in the case, presumably against the father, who would not consent to being tested for drugs or alcohol. He had been responsible for the baby at the time of the fatal dog attack.

On July 21, 2017, 4-year-old Jacob Brooks was killed by a pack of family dogs in El Paso, Texas. Four dogs were seized at the scene of the attack. They were described as a pit bull and three shepherd-mixes. Possible criminal charges are pending presumably against the mother.

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A Chained Dog Gets Loose and Viciously Attacks a Boy

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

My Dog Abby, taken by me in my back yard.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Carroll County, Indiana, on Thursday, April 13, 2017, a dog neighbors say is always chained in its yard was loose and brutally attacked an 8-year-old boy. The dog attack victim’s 12-year-old neighbor Raven McMurtie saw what was happening in the field near her home, went outside, and let out a scream that frightened the dog away. McMurtie said she immediately began crying and praying for her friend, whose arm was hanging, as though broken, and he had blood all over.

According to McMurtie’s mother, who also witnessed the dog attack, the dog was shaking the boy, dropping him, and shaking him again. They ran to his aid and found that the injuries went to the bone in at least three places.

McMurtie credited the boy with being tough and brave, assuring her that he was fine. The boy was quickly transported to a nearby hospital with what police said were serious arm injuries.

During an investigation of the incident, the attacking dog behaved aggressively toward a police officer, who shot the dog in the chest. The animal was transported by Clinton County animal control to a vet in a nearby city. The dog will be quarantined for 10 days, to watch for signs of rabies.

Other neighbors spoke about the dog. They said the dog has never been seen running free. It is kept chained all the time, and several people have reported that the dog often didn’t have food or water.

Reports have been done that indicate dogs are more dangerous after being cruelly chained for long periods of time. According to the State of Texas HB 1411, it is against the law in Texas to chain or tether a dog except in strict circumstances.

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An Infant is Killed by the Family Dog in San Marcos, Texas

Monday, February 13th, 2017

A sable/black German Shepherd dog.

A sable/black German Shepherd dog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A two-month-old baby girl was killed inside her home by the family dog on January 17, 2017, in San Marcos, Texas. Police officers got a call that afternoon regarding an infant with numerous animal bites and responded, along with emergency medical services. Before they arrived on the scene, the baby’s father was talked through procedures for CPR over the phone. Once the response team arrived, the baby was transported by EMS to Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos. Soon after, the infant was pronounced dead. The family dog, a German shepherd, was impounded by animal control.

Kelly Earnest, San Marcos Police Department Commander, reported on the events that occurred, according to the baby’s father, who is in his 30s. The man said he took a nap on the couch with the baby next to him in an infant bouncy seat. After about 20 minutes, the man woke up and discovered the baby injured, cold, and nonresponsive.

The 8-year-old German shepherd was part of the family from the time he was a puppy and had shown no previous signs of aggression. Ernest said the family will decide whether to euthanize the dog.

The San Marcos Police Department released a statement saying that the father would not consent to drug or alcohol testing. They also said there wasn’t sufficient probable cause to get a warrant for alcohol or drug blood tests on the father. However, the investigation will be thorough and there is a pending possibility of criminal charges.

Bringing a new baby into a home with a dog is a situation that should be handled with great care and caution, as this tragic dog attack fatality demonstrates.

–Guest Contributor



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A 6-year-old is Killed by a Family Pit Bull in an Unprovoked Attack

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

English: American pit bull terrier (named Tutt...

English: American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle) seated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On December 2, 2016, 6-year-old Isaiah Jacob Franklin of Huntington, West Virginia, was fatally attacked by a pit bull in his home. The 3-year-old male pit bull suddenly attacked the child as the boy was playing a video game in a room with two adults. Isaiah’s mother was in the next room when the unprovoked attack occurred. According to family members, the child was bitten in the back of his neck or head. Isaiah was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, where he died hours later.

When the emergency response team arrived to the home, the male dog was still behaving aggressively. A female pit bull in the home was not involved in the attack. Both dogs were taken into the custody of animal control officers. Detectives from both Child Protective Services and the Family Crimes Unit also went to the scene on the night of the attack. An investigation is underway, and no charges have been filed as yet.

Isaiah became the 21st person in the U.S. to be killed by a pit bull in 2016. Last year, 82% of all dog attack fatalities were caused by pit bulls, with a total of 28 deaths. The breed is a clear danger to owners as well as strangers. In this most recent death, the attacking pit bull had lived in the home for a year. The nine others killed by a family pit bull this year include a 9-year-old boy in Linda, California; a 36-year-old woman in Hartford, North Carolina; an 86-year-old woman in Charlotte, North Carolina; a 66-year-old woman in Leesburg, Florida; a 52-year-old woman in Dallas, Texas; a 45-year-old man in St. Louis County, Missouri; a 3-day-old girl in Fresno, California; a 71-year-old woman in Detroit Michigan; a 30-year-old woman in Screven County, Georgia; and a 60-year-old woman in Conifer, Colorado.

Ownership of a pit bull clearly puts family members at risk, when you know the statistics. Perhaps more widespread awareness of the danger of pit bulls could save lives.

–Guest Contributor


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A 6-day-old Baby in College Station, TX, is Killed by the Family Dog

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

English: Texas A&M campus, College Station, TX

English: Texas A&M campus, College Station, TX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was almost no news about a fatal dog attack that occurred on September 1, 2016, in College Station, Texas. A newborn baby girl, just 6 days old, suffered lacerations and punctures in the skull from an attack by the family dog. This information was gathered from one brief news report and investigation done by DogsBite.org.

Many families in Texas and across the U.S. have been grief stricken after their beloved pets have made fatal attacks on children. Dogs are man’s best friend, but children should always be protected. Even the calmest of dogs can become anxious and exhibit uncharacteristic behavior that ends in injury to a child, if not death.

A 3-day-old boy in Youngstown, Ohio, was killed on February 7, 2016, after suffering injuries similar to Baby Jane Doe in College Station. The newborn had been sleeping in a laundry basket on the floor next to the couch, where his mother was napping. The mother woke up to hear the baby screaming. The infant was covered in blood, and the mother called 9-1-1. Police went to the scene and found that the baby had died from a head injury.

The situation that had endangered the baby was that the dogs in the home had laundry baskets for beds. One of the dogs picked up the baby to move him from the basket. The dog’s teeth pierced the skull, which caused fatal brain injuries.

Keeping small children and babies safe from the potential danger of dogs begins with making sure dogs are never alone or unsupervised with a little one.

–Guest Contributor


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Dog Owner Faces Charges after a Cyclist is Viciously Attacked

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

A black Great Dane.

A black Great Dane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On September 7, 2016, Chris Carmichael of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was riding his mountain bike near his cabin when two large dogs charged him in a sudden and vicious attack. Before he had a chance to respond to the situation, one dog bit him on the leg and the other bit him on the hand. Carmichael used his bicycle as a shield, but one dog circled around and attacked him in the neck area. He punched the dog’s face, and both dogs ran away. The dog attack victim described the dogs as Great Dane mixes. He contacted authorities and identified the neighboring cabin where the dogs came from when they attacked. Carmichael received medical treatment at a nearby hospital, where he got several stitches. Animal control opened an investigation into the incident. The Humane Society for the area contacted the dogs’ owner. They reported that he has been charged with unlawfully owning a dangerous animal. If the man is found guilty, he faces possible fines. In addition, the dogs may be euthanized.

Carmichael made a statement about the incident. He expressed his hope that others don’t have to go through what he experienced. He said when he thinks about his daughter going through something similar, it makes it tough to sleep at night.

What happened to Carmichael can just as easily happen to anyone in Texas. Every year, an estimated 4.5 million dog bites occur in the U.S. Large breeds can do extreme harm very quickly. Many people lose their lives from dog attacks. So far this year, 24 people have been victims of fatal dog attacks. Nineteen of the fatalities were caused by pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

Becoming a victim of a dog attack can happen anytime. There is plenty of good reason to become familiar with ways to avoid a dog attack and tips on what to do in the event of an attack.

–Guest Contributor


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A Woman is Viciously Attacked by Pit Bulls in Dallas, Texas

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

An American Pit Bull Terrier muzzled. Español:...

An American Pit Bull Terrier muzzled. Español: Un Pit Bull Terrier Americano con bozal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tamika Batts was walking in south Dallas on Longridge Drive on Thursday, June 30, when she encountered two loose pit bulls. The dogs lunged at her and began biting her all over her body. Thirty-nine-year-old Batts said it felt like the dogs were fighting dogs and they set out to kill her. Neighbors heard her screams for help. By the time she was rescued, she had already suffered at least 40 bites on her body, from head to toe. She is currently in a wheelchair, having been released from the hospital. Batts expressed her thankfulness that it didn’t happen to any of her children.

On May 9, the month before the attack on Batts, 52-year-old Antoinette Brown died as a result of a May 2 dog attack in the same region of Dallas. A pack of dogs bit Brown more than 100 times – the physicians actually stopped counting after 100.

Authorities expressed their devotion to cracking down on dangerous loose dogs after Brown’s death. With Batts’ attack, the need for better animal control is even more apparent. As Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson pointed out, the issue isn’t all about stray dogs. Pet owners need to be more responsible. Wilson said owners should be sure their dogs can’t get off-property. Keep them on a leash. Don’t tether dogs. Also, make sure they are spayed or neutered.

Two dogs believed to be the pit bulls responsible for attacking Batts have been picked up by animal control officers. One of the dog owners has been issued two citations in connection with this attack.

Many of the people in the neighborhood are now careful to bring a bat or stick with them on walks, fearful of becoming the next victim of a dog attack in Dallas.

–Guest Contributor


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A 13-year-old Boy in East Dallas is Viciously Attacked by a Dog – Part 7

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Rottweiler head

Rottweiler head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At about the time a vigil was held in Dallas for Antoinette Brown, who was killed by a pack of dogs earlier this month, a 13-year-old boy was being attacked by a loose dog. Dallas police got a call at about 8:30 p.m. on Memorial Day saying a bull terrier was attacking a teenager at some apartments in East Dallas. A neighbor was trying to pull the boy to safety, but the dog was relentlessly biting the child’s legs. When officers arrived, the dog had just been restrained and pinned against an apartment door. The teen suffered serious injuries to his legs, and he was transported to Children’s Medical Center.

Betty Wood, age 78, of Sulphur Springs, Texas, was the first person in Texas who died of a dog attack in 2015. On March 12, Wood’s daughter discovered her dead on the floor, when she went to check in on her. Wood lived alone with her Rottweiler. The daughter corralled the dog into a back room and waited for first responders. Police Chief Jay Sanders of Sulphur Springs said the scene was more gruesome than any he had ever seen in 30 years as a peace officer. The medical examiner confirmed that the cause of death was being mauled by a dog. The family surrendered the Rottweiler to be euthanized.

Rottweilers are consistently the second most dangerous type of dog, after pit bulls. In 2015, pit bulls were responsible for 28 (82%) of the 34 deaths caused by dogs in the U.S. Rottweilers were responsible for 3 (9%) of 2015 deaths. Next was the American bulldog plus unknown dogs, both responsible for 2 deaths (6%) each.

Learn more about dog attacks in Texas in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 of this ongoing series.

–Guest Contributor


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A 13-year-old Boy in East Dallas is Viciously Attacked by a Dog – Part 3

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

English: Category:Images of Dallas, Texas

English: Category:Images of Dallas, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At about the time a vigil was held in Dallas for Antoinette Brown, who was killed by a pack of dogs earlier this month, a 13-year-old boy was being attacked by a loose dog. Dallas police got a call at about 8:30 p.m. on Memorial Day saying a bull terrier was attacking a teenager at some apartments in East Dallas. A neighbor was trying to pull the boy to safety, but the dog was relentlessly biting the child’s legs. When officers arrived, the dog had just been restrained and pinned against an apartment door. The teen suffered serious injuries to his legs, and he was transported to Children’s Medical Center.

Dallas Animal Services had been making aggressive changes to address stray dogs before the fatal attack on Antoinette Brown on May 2. Last fall, routine animal services patrols began in the areas in which loose dog reports were most common. The number of citations given to irresponsible dog owners increased.

The neighborhood in which Brown was brutally attacked by six dogs was not among those previously designated as a Dallas Animal Services Patrol Zone, though it is now. Brown, who was bitten more than 100 times, was in a coma for a week before being taken off of life support and passing away on May 9.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said that the priority on dangers caused by stray dogs has not been high enough. He acknowledged that there has been progress but efforts have obviously fallen short.

The owner of the dogs responsible for Brown’s death may possibly face criminal charges, but that has not been determined yet.

Learn more about dog attacks in Texas in Part 1 and Part 2 of this ongoing series.

–Guest Contributor







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