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Two People were Killed by Family Dogs within a 24-hour-period in the U.S.

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

German shepherd (Photo: Labeled for reuse)

A newborn baby girl and an elderly man are the two latest victims of fatal dog attacks in the U.S. Two-week-old Sophia Booth of Cleveland, Ohio, died on November 3, 2017, after being bitten in the head by the family dog, a German shepherd. The next day, 65-year-old David Baber of Hamlet, North Carolina, died after being viciously attacked by his own pit bull and mixed breed dog.

According to authorities, baby girl Booth was in a bedroom in the first floor of her home when the family’s 4-year-old German shepherd escaped the kitchen area, where he was fenced, and bit the newborn on the head. She was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead about two hours later. The cause of death was described as head trauma. According to neighbors, the German shepherd was a constant threat, in attack mode at all times. A front window of the home had a sign that said “Warning! Security Dog.” The dog was taken into custody by authorities. No criminal charges are expected. The case has yet to be presented to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office, however.

Investigators report that Baber had been trying to break up a dog fight when the pit bull and mixed breed dog began relentlessly attacking him. A neighbor boy, age 9, was a witness to the attack. He tried to help Baber by throwing bricks at the dogs, but it didn’t have any effect. The boy said Baber was bitten in the neck and was being bitten continuously. He had been in Baber’s yard but got back into his own yard without being harmed. The Police Chief, Scott Waters, said the 9-year-old was a hero; and he expressed relief that the dogs didn’t also attack the brave boy.

–Guest Contributor


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A 7-year-old Boy is Savagely Mauled to Death by Pit Bulls in Front of a Helpless Crowd

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Pit bull (Photo labeled for reuse)

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, 7-year-old Javian Candolario was killed by two pit bulls belonging to neighbors in Lowell, Massachusetts, as about 15 people looked on helplessly. The details of how the attack began are in question but, according to a city councilor, Rodney Elliott, the child went to pat the dogs, who were behind a fence about 4.5’ tall that was described as dilapidated. Several witnesses say one of the dogs grabbed the boy and pulled him over the fence. The pit bull mauled the child aggressively in a horrific scene. Five police officers who arrived after the child had already died have said that they are undergoing counseling, due to the trauma caused by witnessing the scene.

The child’s mother and a sibling were among those who witnessed the fatal pit bull attack. Onlookers were shocked and screaming; but no one knew what to do, witnesses said.

Police fired shots at one of the dogs because it was showing aggression. The dog presumably jumped over the fence after being shot and was later killed in police gunfire about a mile away. The other pit bull was taken into custody by animal control.

In 2011, a pit bull ordinance sponsored by Elliott was enacted in the city, and it placed restrictions on pit bull ownership. One year later, however, the law was nullified because the state’s legislators enacted a new state preemption law, which prevents towns and cities from adopting breed-specific legislation. Javian was the 19th person in 2017 alone to be killed in the U.S. by a pit bill.

–Guest Contributor


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A Small Dog Kills a Three-Week Old Baby Boy

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The U.S. isn’t the only place where fatal dog attacks are occurring. A baby was killed in a dog attack in the United Kingdom on Sunday, and the incident demonstrates that even small dogs can cause fatal harm. A Patterdale terrier, the dog belonging to the father of a now devastated family, bit the newborn in the early morning when only the father and child were at home.

Neighbors told police that the small, energetic dog has always exhibited good-natured behavior. Some expressed their opinion that the dog was probably jealous of the attention the infant was receiving.

Patterdales were originally bred in the Lake District for the purpose of hunting and killing foxes.

This horrible tragedy highlights a very real situation in our society. Even docile dogs can be unpredictable, and people can be seriously injured and even killed, when the potential threat isn’t given proper consideration. Tips for protecting children from dog attacks follow:

  • Choose a breed of dog that is safest for children. Some breeds are more naturally aggressive or have been bred for such things as hunting and guarding property. Golden retrievers, collies, and basset hounds are great dogs for families with children.
  • Never leave a dog alone with an infant or a small child.
  • Train your dog at least the most basic commands, and reinforce the training daily.

Read this continuing series to learn more about how to keep children safe.

–Guest Contributor


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A Pit Bull Mauls His Owner to Death on Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Pit Bulls in Gertown section of New Orleans

Pit Bulls in Gertown section of New Orleans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Christmas Day another fatal pit bull attack occurred. A 40-year-old man in Indiana was found dead and covered in dog bites, and one of the family’s two pit bulls had blood dripping from his mouth. The dog has since been euthanized. The man’s wife initially said that giving the dogs bones that morning before she left to be with family may have been what caused the deadly mauling. She later reversed her story and said there had never been any signs of aggression from either dog and that it was a freak accident.

As is common when pit bulls cause fatalities or serious injuries, passionate debate about whether or not the breed is a clear danger to humans resurges.

According to DogsBite.org, 42 people in the U.S. have died as a result of a dog attack just this year. Pit bulls were the breed responsible for the vast majority of those deaths. Many other breeds are notorious for biting, including biting their owners, such as poodles and Chihuahuas. Other types of dogs aren’t capable of doing the type of damage that pit bulls cause, however.

There is a myth that pit bulls bite and won’t let go, partly because their jaws will lock down. That’s not quite true. The dogs do have a fierce attack style of holding and shaking victims. They have powerful jaws that can do extensive damage, but they don’t actually lock up. Reconstructive surgery is more necessary and more expensive for pit bull attack victims than for victims of dog attacks by any other breed. It is recommended by a group called Pit Bull Rescue Central that pit bull owners keep a “break stick” handy at all times, which can be used to pry a pit bull’s jaws open in an attack.

Defenders of pit bull maintain that owners are responsible, when the dogs cause harm or death.

–Guest Contributor


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Animal Control in San Antonio, Texas, Warns of Increase in Dog Attacks

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

English: American pit bull terrier (named Tutt...

English: American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle) seated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

San Antonio’s Animal Control Services (ACS) recently announced that the number of severe dog attacks in the city is climbing. Between October of last year and the present, eight dogs have been declared dangerous, which is double the number compared to the same time frame the previous year. Officials with ACS want people to be aware that during the holidays, the chances of being bitten by a dog are even greater.

Dog attacks can be deadly, and it takes seconds for a dog to do serious damage to a person. Last month a 9-year-old girl was on San Antonio’s west side and was walking to a relative’s house. A pit bull mix suddenly jumped on her, throwing her against a metal fence. The dog bit her leg and one of her hands before a neighbor stopped the attack. In those few seconds, the child’s ring finger was broken in three places and she suffered deep lacerations. Her hand has pins and stitches in it.

On December 6 in San Antonio, and 11-year-old girl was viciously attacked by a pit bull. The dog attack left her with gaping wounds on her chest and arms, and the child may lose one of her arms.

An 83-year-old woman was killed by two pit bulls that attacked her in her backyard in San Antonio, and the dogs’ owner has been indicted on the second-degree felony charge of a dangerous dog attack leading to death. The woman could be sentenced to up to two decades in prison, if she is convicted.

Learn why it is especially important to be careful about dog attacks during the holidays, in this continuing series.

–Guest Contributor


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A Texas Man is Sentenced to Five Years in Prison on Dog Fighting Charges – Part 3

Friday, November 7th, 2014

English: An American Pit Bull Terrier puppy si...

English: An American Pit Bull Terrier puppy sitting on a wooden deck at Big Daddy’s Country Club in Moriah, North Carolina. Age: approximately 5 weeks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pit bulls are the breed most brutalized by dog fighting. Public opinion of pit bulls continues to get worse, prompting many communities to ban ownership of the dogs, due to their being an inherent danger to the public. This public image is only worsened by the fact that pit bulls are the breed of choice for dog fighters. In addition, research shows that pit bulls attract owners only interested in fighting or protection, people considered the least desirable dog owners. More about pit bulls follows:

  • The population of pit bulls has also rapidly increased because of irresponsible owners and dog fighters. Most animal shelters report large volumes of pit bulls that are surrendered or picked up as strays. Because of their bad reputation, they are the breed most often euthanized at shelters.
  • The ancestors of pit bulls were English dogs bred to bite and hold on tenaciously to bulls and other large animals. Baiting large animals was eventually outlawed, and people turned to dog fighting as a hobby and an illegal sport. So- called “bulldogs” were bred to effectively bite and hang on until exhausted from loss of blood and fighting.
  • A new aspect of dog fighting has emerged in recent years. what frequently happens now is that street challenges are made which amount to saying, “My dog can kill your dog.” These spontaneous events have no formality or rules. Those who participate in these events typically beat and starve the pit bulls and find other cruel ways to encourage aggressive behavior.

Learn more about the cruelty of dog fighting in Part 1 and this continuing series.

Are you suffering from an injury as a result of a dog attack?

–Guest Contributor




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Family Dogs are to Blame for a Woman’s Death and an Infant’s Injuries Last Week

Monday, August 11th, 2014


bulldog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In news last week, a woman in Ohio was killed by a family dog and an infant in Florida was badly mauled by the family dog. According to Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, a 59-year-old woman in Hamilton, Ohio, was in the backyard and was attacked by the family dog, suffering multiple injuries to her neck, face, and body. She died from her injuries. In St. Petersburg, Florida, an 11-year-old Husky mix bit an 18-month-old boy in the face. The dog had never shown aggression toward a child prior to the attack, according to the parents. The family from Massachusetts was staying in a hotel in Florida while in the process of purchasing a home there. The child will survive but has significant facial scars.

Dog bites are extremely common, and most of the time it’s a family dog that causes injuries. Some of the most dangerous situations follow:

  • When a child is living temporarily with or visiting a family friend or relative who owns a Rottweiler or a pit bull.
  • Leaving a toddler or infant alone with any breed of dog.
  • Temporary or new situations involving dangerous dog breeds and children.
  • Approaching a dog that is tethered, particularly if the dog is both male and unaltered.
  • Approaching a dog that is in the bed of a truck or inside a vehicle.
  • Encountering a pack of dogs that are running loose.
  • Getting involved in a dog fight, particularly if pit bulls are involved.

See this continuing series for safety tips and to avoid being bitten by any dog, including the family dog.

–Guest Contributor


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In Texas and Across the U.S., Dogs Seriously Injure Children in Sudden Attacks

Monday, April 8th, 2013

English: American Bulldog - Harley 1 year 85lbs

American Bulldog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A graphic video out of the Bronx district of New York City went viral this week; it shows a toddler walking with her mother and suddenly being violently attacked by a pit bull. The dog ran across the street and sank his teeth into the child’s arm. The pit bull would not let up on the attack as several people tried to get him off of the 4-year-old. The dog finally let go. The girl sustained dog bites on an arm and a leg. The dog owner was issued a citation for failing to leash the animal.

The videotaped dog attack got a lot of attention; but what you may not be aware of is that children, the elderly, and people of all ages are either severely injured or killed in dog attacks every day in Texas and the other 49 states. In addition to the Bronx attack, see two more serious dog attacks which occurred this month alone, below.

An 8-year-old boy from Massachusetts was viciously bitten by the family dog, a 3-year-old American bulldog; and the child is currently in danger of losing his arm as a result of the attack. The boy was letting the dog into the house when the attack occurred. The child’s father said that the bulldog has demonstrated aggressiveness related to territorial issues; he asked that the dog be removed from their residence and euthanized.

In Bennsville, Maryland, a 5-year-old girl was horribly injured in a vicious dog attack when she went into a neighbor’s backyard. Her ears were ripped off in the attack, and she suffered large bite wounds on her neck and torso. The dogs that attacked her were an English Bulldog and two Presa Canarios. The child, who was discovered in a fetal position with her clothing torn off of her, is currently in serious but stable condition.

–Guest Contributor

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