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31 Schnauzers are Seized in an Animal Hoarding Case in Longview, Texas

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Cindy the schnauzer

Schnauzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Longview, Texas, resident had been keeping 31 pure-breed schnauzers in her home until they were seized this week by Longview Animal Control.  The officers were responding to a complaint about animal hoarding when they made the discovery.  The dogs were in need of veterinary care, which is just one of the problems that go along with dog hoarding.

While this offense of keeping more animals than can be properly cared for in a sanitary environment is a form of cruelty, animal hoarding is actually recognized in the medical community as a mental disease.  It is a treatable problem; but until an animal hoarder gets the help they need, the animals are kept hidden in an effort to keep the situation a secret.

The community of Longview benefits from the intervention in this case by animal control because animal hoarding adversely affects both the animals and the neighbors.  Issues that arise include:

  • The spread of disease.  In this Longview case, one of the dogs seized is infected with the highly contagious and often deadly parvovirus, usually called “parvo.”
  • The animals don’t have adequate shelter.  These schnauzers in Longview lived in stacked cages; the area was dimly lit, and the home had no air conditioning.
  • Living conditions are usually squalid.  In this case, the home was thick with flies and the odor of feces and urine.
  • The dogs can become violent and aggressive and could bite someone.

Citizens are encouraged to report suspected cases of animal hoarding, for the safety of the community.

–By Guest Contributor


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