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A Toddler in Oklahoma and a Woman in Louisiana are Killed by Pit Bulls in early January 2018

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Pit bull (Photo: Labeled for reuse)

In 2017, a total of 29 people in the U.S. died as a result of pit bull attacks. Sadly, the horrific trend continues. The first two pit bull fatalities in 2018 occurred before mid-January. The victims of the fatal pit bull attacks were 53-year-old Laura Ray of West Monroe, Louisiana, and 3-year-old Rylee Dodge of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Ray was working at a pet boarding facility when a pit bull mauled her to death on January 9. At approximately 11 p.m., deputies with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office were called to the pet boarding establishment on Smith Street in West Monroe. Scotty Robinson, Ouachita Parish Police Jury President, said the awful scene was horrific. The deputies who responded to the call found that Ray had been critically injured, and she did not survive the savage pit bull attack. The previous owner of the pit bull had signed a document saying the dog did not have a history of aggression. Ouachita Parish Animal Control took custody of the pit bull, and the dog was euthanized. Ray was the mother of five children.

Rylee’s father had acquired the pit bull that killed her just five days before the deadly attack on January 14. The dog was kept in the fenced yard. The 3-year-old’s father left her with her grandmother and got a call approximately 20 minutes later. The man quickly returned home and discovered his mother laying on the pit bull and his daughter lifeless. The grandmother said Rylee had opened the front door to play with the pit bull. The dog attacked Rylee as soon as she opened the door. According to the Medical Examiner’s Office, the child’s cause of death was multiple blunt force and sharp injuries to her neck and head. Although the manner of death was ruled an accident, sources say criminal charges are pending.

Tragically, year after year, pit bulls are responsible for more fatal dog attacks than all other breeds put together and little to nothing is done, as far as new legislation to provide protection from this clear threat.

–Guest Contributor


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A Man’s Pit Bull Attacks Him; He Undergoes Surgery – Part 3

Thursday, October 8th, 2015


Pitbull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One family in Long Island learned the folly of adopting a pit bull from a shelter, in a bloody incident that occurred last month. The 2-year-old pit bull was set to be euthanized in 22 minutes when a man who calls himself an animal lover adopted him. When the man arrived home with the pit bull, the dog immediately lunged at his three young children, in a completely unprovoked attack. The 16-year-old became the primary target of the attack. The dog tore into her throat, face, and arm.

The father tried to stop the attack by putting a chokehold on the dog, but his efforts were futile. The 43-pound pit bull was not stopped until police officers arrived and shot the dog with three tranquilizer darts.

The teen was transported by a medical helicopter to a hospital, where she received about 70 stitches on her arm, which she had used to protect her throat. About 20 stitches were also used to treat her mauled lip. The family has reported that the children were all deeply traumatized by the pit bull attack, which left blood everywhere. The children haven’t been able to sleep alone, and the teen victim won’t talk about what happened.

The dog had been “behavior tested,” and it was determined that he was sociable and safe for an average family. Obviously, whatever system is used to determine the adoptability of a dog can’t predict when a pit bull is going to brutally and relentlessly attack someone.

The pit bull has now been euthanized

See Part 1 and Part 2 of this ongoing series to learn more about what makes pit bulls so dangerous.

–Guest Contributor


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A Pit Bull Mauls His Owner to Death on Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Pit Bulls in Gertown section of New Orleans

Pit Bulls in Gertown section of New Orleans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Christmas Day another fatal pit bull attack occurred. A 40-year-old man in Indiana was found dead and covered in dog bites, and one of the family’s two pit bulls had blood dripping from his mouth. The dog has since been euthanized. The man’s wife initially said that giving the dogs bones that morning before she left to be with family may have been what caused the deadly mauling. She later reversed her story and said there had never been any signs of aggression from either dog and that it was a freak accident.

As is common when pit bulls cause fatalities or serious injuries, passionate debate about whether or not the breed is a clear danger to humans resurges.

According to DogsBite.org, 42 people in the U.S. have died as a result of a dog attack just this year. Pit bulls were the breed responsible for the vast majority of those deaths. Many other breeds are notorious for biting, including biting their owners, such as poodles and Chihuahuas. Other types of dogs aren’t capable of doing the type of damage that pit bulls cause, however.

There is a myth that pit bulls bite and won’t let go, partly because their jaws will lock down. That’s not quite true. The dogs do have a fierce attack style of holding and shaking victims. They have powerful jaws that can do extensive damage, but they don’t actually lock up. Reconstructive surgery is more necessary and more expensive for pit bull attack victims than for victims of dog attacks by any other breed. It is recommended by a group called Pit Bull Rescue Central that pit bull owners keep a “break stick” handy at all times, which can be used to pry a pit bull’s jaws open in an attack.

Defenders of pit bull maintain that owners are responsible, when the dogs cause harm or death.

–Guest Contributor


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