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A 7-year-old Boy is Savagely Mauled to Death by Pit Bulls in Front of a Helpless Crowd

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Pit bull (Photo labeled for reuse)

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, 7-year-old Javian Candolario was killed by two pit bulls belonging to neighbors in Lowell, Massachusetts, as about 15 people looked on helplessly. The details of how the attack began are in question but, according to a city councilor, Rodney Elliott, the child went to pat the dogs, who were behind a fence about 4.5’ tall that was described as dilapidated. Several witnesses say one of the dogs grabbed the boy and pulled him over the fence. The pit bull mauled the child aggressively in a horrific scene. Five police officers who arrived after the child had already died have said that they are undergoing counseling, due to the trauma caused by witnessing the scene.

The child’s mother and a sibling were among those who witnessed the fatal pit bull attack. Onlookers were shocked and screaming; but no one knew what to do, witnesses said.

Police fired shots at one of the dogs because it was showing aggression. The dog presumably jumped over the fence after being shot and was later killed in police gunfire about a mile away. The other pit bull was taken into custody by animal control.

In 2011, a pit bull ordinance sponsored by Elliott was enacted in the city, and it placed restrictions on pit bull ownership. One year later, however, the law was nullified because the state’s legislators enacted a new state preemption law, which prevents towns and cities from adopting breed-specific legislation. Javian was the 19th person in 2017 alone to be killed in the U.S. by a pit bill.

–Guest Contributor


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Dog Attack Injury Attorney: Sugar Land has Ordinances Prohibiting At-Large Dogs and More – Part 4

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

English: Bullmastiff and Poodle/Terrier mix pl...

English: Bullmastiff and Poodle/Terrier mix playing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Sugar Land, Texas, the law pertaining to dangerous dogs is more stringent than state requirements, found in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 822. The following is Section 3-37 regarding dangerous dog ordinances in Sugar Land, continued from Part 3, which included Section 3-36:

  • If the custodianship or ownership of a dangerous dog is changed, the name and address of the new custodian or owner must be provided to animal services by the previous dog’s custodian or owner.
  • If the dangerous dog’s new custodian or owner lives in Sugar Land, animal services must notify the new custodian or owner of the following:
    • The dog has been deemed a dangerous dog;
    • Registration of the dog is required but is not transferable; and
    • The new custodian or owner has a responsibility to comply with all of the dangerous dog requirements under city ordinances.
  • The new custodian or owner has 13 days to register the dog, from the day of receipt of the dog or from the date of receipt of notice from animal services that the dog has been deemed dangerous, whichever occurs first.
  • If the new custodian or owner of a dangerous dog resides outside of the city, animal services is required to notify both the new owner and the appropriate animal control service which has authority in the area with regard to the fact that a dog previously determined to be dangerous has been transferred to that area.

Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for more about Sugar Land dog ordinances in this ongoing series, including more about dangerous dog and vicious dog ordinances.

–Guest Contributor


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Dog Bite Lawyer: Sugar Land has Ordinances Prohibiting At-Large Dogs and More – Part 2

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

English: Imperial Sugar headquarters in Sugar ...

English: Imperial Sugar headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas Español: La sede de Imperial Sugar en Sugar Land, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it is very warm or extremely cold outside, it is against the law in Sugar Land, Texas, to leave a dog or other animal inside of a parked vehicle, if it is likely that the animal’s health, welfare, or safety is jeopardized. A firefighter, police officer, or animal services officer may, by law, use reasonable force to rescue a dog from a car if that person believes that there is an emergency as regards preserving the dog’s safety, welfare, or health.

In Sugar Land, it is against the law for a dog to occupy the bed of a truck or trailer if the vehicle is traveling in excess of 35 miles per hour on a highway or public street. An exception is if the animal is in a secure enclosure, such as a pet kennel, or otherwise restrained in a way other than a neck restraint, to prevent the dog from falling or jumping out of the trailer or truck.

Animal services must investigate all dog bite or scratch incidents that break the skin. It is unlawful in Sugar Land for a person to kill or remove from the city limits any dog or other animal that has bitten a person or animal or that is under quarantine, except when it is necessary to protect a person’s or animal’s life.

All animals that bite or scratch a human or an animal in a manner that is unnatural or if that animal has a zoonotic disease such as rabies or is under suspicion of having a disease must be immediately confined by the owner. Animal services must be immediately notified regarding the place the animal is confined and the reason for the confinement. The animal must not be in contact with any person or animal.

Read Part 1 for more about Sugar Land dog ordinances in this ongoing series, including dangerous dog and vicious dog ordinances.

–Guest Contributor


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Sugar Land has Ordinances Prohibiting At-Large Dogs and More – Part 1

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Sugar Land City Park

Sugar Land City Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you live in the municipality of Sugar Land, Texas, and have pets, it is important to read the city’s Animal Services Ordinances. There may be laws that you are unfamiliar with and that could result in your being unexpectedly charged with a misdemeanor crime or a more serious crime. The laws are designed for the safety of the public, and there are limitations and restrictions. The following apply to dogs, but there are many ordinances which apply to other animals, as well.

Limits on Dog Ownership

In any one location, including in one lot, residential dwelling, or building, only four dogs over four months of age can be kept. There are exceptions, such as being part of an animal rescue group and approved by the city to provide foster care for dogs. Other possible exceptions, all of which involve permits, are kennels, pet stores, research facilities, and veterinary facilities.

No Dogs Running At Large

According to the Sugar Land animal services ordinances, it is unlawful for a dog owner or person having control of a dog to:

  • Allow dogs to run at large.
  • Fail to take whatever actions are necessary to prevent dogs from running at large.

Exceptions to the rule about dogs not being allowed to run at large include:

  • If a specially trained dog that is used as a service animal without a leash for a deaf or blind individual within the city is providing aid to that person;
  • If a dog is in attendance at a formal dog training class under the direct supervision of the owner the entire time;
  • If the dog is within a parked vehicle or a vehicle being driven; or
  • If the dog is within a designated dog park leased or owned by the city.

Read more about Sugar Land dog ordinances in this ongoing series.

–Guest Contributor


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