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Two are Charged With Felonies in Relation to the Dog Mauling of a 1-year-old in Houston, Texas

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

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A 54-year-old grandmother and her 50-year-old boyfriend have been charged with felony endangerment of a child in connection with the dog mauling of a one-year-old. The dog attack occurred on October 8, 2012, in northwest Houston, Texas. The two charged in this case attempted to hide the fact that the dog caused the child’s injuries.

The complaint with the Houston police reports what the infant’s mother had to say about what happened: The mother left the baby with the grandmother and her boyfriend; they had agreed to babysit the infant girl. Later, the mother got a call from the grandmother informing her that the baby was being transported to the hospital because of injuries sustained when she fell off the bed.

Investigators say that the baby was treated at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center for a large gash which covered her face from the right corner of her mouth, across the bridge of her nose, and to the edge of the child’s left eye. A doctor told the police that the baby would definitely have permanent injury and scarring on her face because the injury was so severe.

Two days after the incident, both the grandmother and her boyfriend gave different versions of what happened to the baby. This time they claimed that the baby fell from the bed onto the dog, and the dog bit the infant. There was no mention of a dog bite when the child was taken to the hospital, however.

The 9-1-1 audiotape revealed that both the grandmother and her boyfriend had slurred speech and seemed to be intoxicated when the child was injured.

The infant’s mother told police that the same dog which bit the baby on October 8th had already bitten the child the previous month. Police say that the grandmother and her boyfriend failed to provide proper supervision of the child around a dog which was known to bite and cause injury.

Investigators also said that the dog was snarling at the officers and was visibly aggressive.

Both people charged in the case have been released on $2,000 bond.

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