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How Many of The Most Popular Dogs in Texas are considered Dangerous Breeds?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Picture of an American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In recent news the most popular dog breeds among pet owners in Texas were revealed. Does the list of the top eight also reveal anything about the number of potentially dangerous dogs in Texas?

The top dogs in Texas, from the most popular down are:

1. Chihuahua
2. Labrador Retriever
3. American Pit Bull Terrier
4. Yorkshire Terrier
5. German Shepherd Dog
6. Shih Tzu
7. Boxer
8. Dachshund

When you compare the list of favorite dogs in Texas to a completely different list revealing the most dangerous breeds based on human fatalities caused by dog bites, there are three breeds that the lists have in common:

Pit Bull
• German Shepherd
• Boxer

Many experts say that the breed of dog is not actually the determining factor in dog attacks. Instead, they say, dog bites are caused by failure of the pet owners to protect society by being responsible with their dogs. Whether they fail to properly socialize the animals or go so far as to encourage the dogs to behave aggressively, pet owners are the true culprits, according to many dog advocates.

Dog bites are a real threat in Texas and across the nation. The second highest cause for children to require emergency treatment is a dog attack. And Texas homeowners had the third highest number of claims for dog bites among the 50 states in 2011.

In short, it might be a good idea for dog owners to be careful about the type of dog they choose to have in their homes. For instance, the most popular breeds may not all be appropriate for households with small children. A careful look at statistics shows that certain breeds are predictably dangerous and potentially deadly, and pit bulls are the top of the list.

–By Guest Contributor

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