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The City of Belton, Texas, Welcomes a New Animal Control Officer, a Position at Risk for Dog Bites

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
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Officer Mike Hawk has been the Animal Control Officer for Belton, Texas, for 13 years. Preparing for retirement, he graciously trained Andy Montez of Temple, Texas, to step into the position. Not at all fazed by the reality that his new position exposes him to dog bites, Montez says that he is happy to work with the citizens of Belton, and he loves having a job in which he can make a difference for stray animals.

In fact, Montez has worked in the animal control business for only about a year, and he has already been bitten by dogs on four separate occasions. He says that it’s important to have a passion for animals and not be afraid in order to work in animal control.

Montez is now the one civilian Animal Control Officer currently assigned to enforce Belton’s ordinances governing the care and keeping of domestic animals in the city. The city ordinances related to animals states that anyone in violation of the section of the city code related to the care and keeping of animals will be guilty of a misdemeanor and at the time of conviction shall pay up to $200.00 per violation. Each day of violation is a separate breach and fine.

The City of Belton’s animal-related ordinances cover the following and more:
• Animal restraint
• Dangerous animals
• Limitation of the number of dogs and cats a citizen can own
• Control of cats
• Cat traps
• Impoundment and disposal
• Penalties

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