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The Drought is Drawing Wild Animals and Dangers Into Abilene, Texas

Thursday, June 7th, 2012
An orange-sable Pomeranian named Coco.

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Keeping dogs’ and cats’ rabies shots current is a state requirement in Texas, and 2012 is definitely the time for pet owners to be extremely careful about compliance. Wild animals seeking water and other sustenance have been making their way into Abilene, Texas, with increasing frequency. Evidence of their arrival is proven with a lengthy drive around the city, since there are carcasses of such animals as coyotes, porcupines, deer, and raccoons strewn on the roadways. In addition to other problems caused by these wild animals, they could be carrying disease.

A fox that was recently tested by the Abilene Animal Control Shelter tested positive for Parvovirus. Pets can be infected with this disease through their saliva. Also contracted through exposure to saliva and the disease of most concern is rabies, which is deadly for humans and dogs that are exposed but aren’t vaccinated either at the time of the exposure or before signs of contracting the disease become obvious.

Information and advice for the citizens of Abilene from the local animal control officials includes:

• If you see a nocturnal animal such as a possum or skunk during the day, call animal control because the animals could be rabid.
• Wild animals are always seeking food and for that reason, do not leave your dog or cat outside.
• Make sure that your dogs and cats have current rabies vaccinations.
• Never attempt to keep a wild animal as a pet. It’s dangerous and against the law.
• Please do not attempt to poison, shoot, or capture wild animals in your neighborhood.
• Do not attempt to touch or handle a wild animal.

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