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Realistic Settlement Expectations in Texas Dog Attack Cases

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Once you consider filing a claim for emotional injuries in a dog bite attack, it’s easy to see stars. You may think you will be set for life with a multi-million dollar settlement. However, such awards are the exception to the rule, and it is important from the outset to discuss a realistic settlement goal with your Dallas dog bite injury lawyer.

You may find that the defendant’s insurer is less than forthcoming with a settlement offer in your case. They may not even know what your case should be worth. Even your Dallas dog bite injury lawyer may have difficulty coming up with a demand figure. Emotional injury cases carry many intangibles which make them difficult to evaluate monetarily. How, for instance, do you put a dollar amount on the mental anguish you have suffered?

Often insurance companies opt to allow emotional injury cases to go to a jury trial. They would rather place the case in the hands of a jury that is disillusioned by high settlement cases that make the news. And when a jury gets your case, they may indeed find it tough to come up with an award amount too. Juries like to see objective medical tests that substantiate injury claims. Emotional injuries don’t show up on X-rays or MRIs, after all.

All this is not to suggest you should be discouraged from filing a claim, or that you have little hope in receiving an award for your suffering. It should, however, help govern your expectations. To come up with a monetary figure for your claim, your Dallas dog bite injury lawyer may average the settlements of comparable cases. He will then send a demand letter for a higher amount to defense lawyers, hoping that ultimately the negotiations process will culminate in a settlement close to that average.

If you have suffered an emotional or physical injury in a dog bite attack, you may want to file a claim against the owner.

– Guest Contributor


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