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Do Bulldogs Tend to Bite, and Why do Bulldogs Slobber? – Part 2 of 2

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
English Bulldog with characteristic underbite

English Bulldog with characteristic underbite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English bulldogs are an endearing breed, with their wrinkled faces and somber eyes.  If you’re considering getting a bulldog, as with all pets, it’s best to understand everything you can about them.  There may be attributes of a bulldog that don’t fit with your family or lifestyle.

The following are some qualities of bulldogs that go in the column for “negatives:”

  • Bulldogs are so serious about their food; it can be hazardous to feed them around other pets or small children.
  • This breed is tenaciously stubborn.
  • They shed.
  • Bulldogs snort, wheeze, grunt, snuffle, and snore loudly.
  • Bulldogs have flatulence issues.
  • This breed has many potential health problems, which means enormous vet bills, and they have a short life span.
  • It usually costs a minimum of $1,000 to purchase a bulldog.
  • Slobbering has to be mentioned because this breed does a lot of it.

If you decide that a bulldog is the pet you want, you can minimize the possibilities of putting up with negative traits by choosing a quality Texas breeder and then providing proper puppy training.  Another option is to choose an adult dog that is known to have few challenging traits.

Be sure to read Part 1 of our series to learn about the more positive traits of an English bulldog.

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–Guest Contributor

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