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Near Houston, Texas, An Infant Dies from a Pit Bull Attack

Monday, January 16th, 2012
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Can you imagine having to deal with the death of a grandchild that was killed by your dog?  That seems to be the situation a grandmother is dealing with in Magnolia, Texas, which isn’t far north of Houston.  Her 1-year-old grandchild was mauled to death by a pit bull in the home.

The baby and his mother had taken up residence with the grandparents not long ago.  On Saturday, deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office were dispatched to the home and found that the baby had been killed by the pit bull.

The dog was shot and killed after trying to attack the deputies.

At the time that the baby was mauled, the only ones at home were the child and the grandmother.  The emotional trauma of the horrific event led to the grandmother being taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

In the meantime, the usual questions will no doubt be raised regarding whether or not owning pit bulls should be legal.  There are arguments against dogs with vicious propensities and opposing arguments against the owners of pit bulls and other dogs known to kill people.  Perhaps the crux of the argument should be whether laws in Texas deter people from making the mistake of owning a dog that harms others.

If a dog owner were subject to a prison term as a result of their dog harming or killing someone, people would no doubt be much more careful about their choice of dog and their devotion to providing proper training and exercise.  And then a tragedy such as this one that occurred in Magnolia this week might be averted.

Dogs are wonderful pets, but at the same time they are also animals that can and do kill all too often.  No doubt, the vast majority of owners whose dogs do harm don’t foresee the possibility.  Perhaps what’s needed most – even more than stricter laws –is a campaign of awareness about dogs and the potential danger that any dog can pose to others.

Whatever the answer, it will come too late for this Magnolia family.

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