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A 6-day-old Baby in College Station, TX, is Killed by the Family Dog

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
English: Texas A&M campus, College Station, TX

English: Texas A&M campus, College Station, TX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was almost no news about a fatal dog attack that occurred on September 1, 2016, in College Station, Texas. A newborn baby girl, just 6 days old, suffered lacerations and punctures in the skull from an attack by the family dog. This information was gathered from one brief news report and investigation done by DogsBite.org.

Many families in Texas and across the U.S. have been grief stricken after their beloved pets have made fatal attacks on children. Dogs are man’s best friend, but children should always be protected. Even the calmest of dogs can become anxious and exhibit uncharacteristic behavior that ends in injury to a child, if not death.

A 3-day-old boy in Youngstown, Ohio, was killed on February 7, 2016, after suffering injuries similar to Baby Jane Doe in College Station. The newborn had been sleeping in a laundry basket on the floor next to the couch, where his mother was napping. The mother woke up to hear the baby screaming. The infant was covered in blood, and the mother called 9-1-1. Police went to the scene and found that the baby had died from a head injury.

The situation that had endangered the baby was that the dogs in the home had laundry baskets for beds. One of the dogs picked up the baby to move him from the basket. The dog’s teeth pierced the skull, which caused fatal brain injuries.

Keeping small children and babies safe from the potential danger of dogs begins with making sure dogs are never alone or unsupervised with a little one.

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