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A 30-year-old Woman is Mauled to Death by her Boyfriend’s Pit Bull – Part 1

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
Español: Pit Bull Terrier Americano Hembra.

Español: Pit Bull Terrier Americano Hembra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday night, August 1, 30-year-old Michelle Wilcox was brutally mauled to death by her boyfriend’s pit bull. The fatal dog attack occurred on Jenkins Lane in Screven County, Georgia. Wilcox went to the house after she got off work. Later, her boyfriend arrived home and discovered the horrific scene. The victim was already deceased, and police were called to the scene at about 6 p.m. Authorities said the pit bull’s owner immediately put down the dog responsible for his girlfriend’s death.

Mike Kile, Sheriff of Screven County, made a statement about the tragic fatality. He said no one will ever know what happened. The dog was raised in the home from the time he was a puppy.

Investigators found no evidence that the pit bull that attacked had a history of aggression or viciousness. Other dogs were also in the home, and none of them were known to be dangerous, either.

Apparently, the law enforcement officials involved in the case are unfamiliar with recent pit bull statistics. Within the past few years, there has been an alarming escalation of the number of deaths caused by the breed. In 2015, 28 people were killed by pit bulls or pit bull mixes. So far this year, pit bulls have killed 16 people in the U.S. The victims of fatal pit bull attacks are frequently the owners of the dogs that kill them.

One recent and tragic death involved a family pit bull attacking the throat of a 71-year-old, who died as a result of her jugular vein being severed. The dog belonged to the woman’s daughter. The attack wasn’t a first. In the years prior to her death, the woman was brutally attacked in the face by another pit bull belonging to the same family member.

It seems that people in the U.S. are refusing to acknowledge the danger of pit bulls, and it continues to cost lives. Learn more in this continuing series.

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