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A Toddler and 71-year-old Woman are Killed by Pit Bulls in July

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
An American Pit Bull Terrier muzzled. Español:...

An American Pit Bull Terrier muzzled. Español: Un Pit Bull Terrier Americano con bozal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In separate incidents, two people in the U.S. have been killed by pit bulls in July 2016. Elizabeth Rivera, age 71, of Detroit, Michigan, was killed by her own pit bull on July 16. Police said that about 8 pm that night, her dog knocked her down, bit into her neck, and severed her jugular vein, which resulted in her death. Three other dogs were on the scene, and all four were seized by authorities. Three-year-old Kayden Colter Begay was northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, visiting grandparents on the Navajo Nation Reservation when she was attacked and killed by a pack of 12 pit bulls belonging to family neighbors. Authorities have been busy trying to round up all dogs involved.

Patterns involving dog attacks have been identified in both of these tragic deaths. A few years ago, Rivera was a victim of a pit bull attack. The dog, which belonged to a family member, attacked her face. Rivera had to go through extensive surgeries as a result. The family member who owned the dog involved in that first attack expressed shock because they never thought such a thing could happen again.

DogsBite.org pointed out, in the story of Begay, that Kayden is the third victim of a fatal dog attacks on that same Navajo reservation since 2010. Eight-year-old Tomas Jay Henio was killed by a pack of up to nine dogs in December 2012. In December 2010, 56-year-old Larry Armstrong was killed by a pack of dogs near Gallup. Nationwide since 2010, there have been another seven fatal dog attacks on reservations.

There have been 15 people killed by pit bulls since January 1, 2016, which comes to one person in the U.S. killed by a pit bull every 13.2 days. Statistics overwhelmingly show that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds, just as it also appears there is a disproportionate number of dog bite fatalities that occur on reservations.

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