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A Pit Bull Kills a 55-year-old Woman who was Alone in her Backyard – Part 7

Thursday, June 16th, 2016
English: American Staffordshire Terrier Deutsc...

English: American Staffordshire Terrier Deutsch: American Staffordshire Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 55-year-old woman in Montreal, Canada, was killed in her backyard on Wednesday. A neighbor’s pit bull somehow entered her yard, where she was alone, and relentlessly attacked. Another of her neighbors, just after arriving home from work, witnessed the attack after the woman had already become unconscious and called the police. When they arrived at the horrific scene, they had to shoot the pit bull to get to the victim. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

This week a 5-year-old boy made the news because he was the recipient of a silicone ear designed by an ex-CIA agent. The boy’s ear had been bitten off in June 2015. Then 4-year-old Sean Fitz was severely mauled by his  grandmother’s dog. He was simply walking through a door of his grandmother’s home when the dog viciously attacked. Part of his face was taken off, he suffered severed nerves, and he had to get a metal plate put in his fractured jaw. In spite of the extent of the child’s injuries, one of the more shocking elements of this story may be that the family chose to protect the dog breed responsible for all the damage done to this small boy who now has to put on his prosthetic ear every morning. The victim’s mother made public a comment that the breed of dog responsible already endures a lot of scrutiny. The dog was put down, but they refused to say what type of dog it was.

What breed gets scrutiny of an overwhelming nature, and what breed causes this kind of damage with no provocation? Only pit bulls. It is widely said and believed that, no doubt, a pit bull was responsible. Couldn’t it possibly save another child from the danger of a vicious attack, if the truth about the breed were known? If this was a pit bull, the advocate is like the vast majority of her fellow advocates. They support pit bulls even when they kill or severely maim a loved one.

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