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A 25-year-old Woman is Killed by Her Pit Bull

Monday, August 24th, 2015
English: American Pit Bull Terrier

English: American Pit Bull Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A savage attack by an unneutered 85-pound pit bull left one of his owners dead and two others seriously injured on Saturday. Police in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, were disturbed when they arrived at the horrific scene in which 25-year-old Porsche Cartee was killed. In fact, Jamie Nelson, director of Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement, asked for thoughts to go out to the families of the victims as well as to the first responders.

Nelson described what happened in the home on Beverly Hills Drive in which the 7-to-10-year-old pit bull lived. The older woman in the home was first attacked by the pit bull. Cartee tried to rescue the woman, and she was fatally wounded with bites to the head and body. The third woman in the house managed to pull the dog off of Cartee and place him in a secure location, but she was injured badly enough that surgery was required as part of her medical treatment. Children were upstairs in the home during the attack, but none of them were injured.

Investigators don’t know what led to the incident, and Animal Control personnel and sheriff’s deputies continue in the investigation of the fatal pit bull attack. Rabies testing is in progress.

According to an ongoing tally of fatal dog attacks kept on record in great detail on the website Dogsbite.org, pit bulls have been responsible for 19 of the 22 dog attack fatalities that have occurred in the U.S. this year. Evidence that pit bulls are unpredictably dangerous and deadly continues to grow and provide a strong argument that it can be a fatal mistake to adopt the breed or fail to keep the breed secured and unable to run loose.

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