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A Pit Bull Attack in McKinney, Texas, Sends a Mom and Two Children to the Hospital

Monday, February 9th, 2015
Poncho, a young brindle American Pit bull mix....

Poncho, a young brindle American Pit bull mix. Poncho was a wonderful dog, and never showed aggression toward people, other dogs, or cats during his life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On February 5 in McKinney, Texas, a mother and two of her children were viciously attacked by their pet pit bull. The father wasn’t home when the pit bull attack occurred. According to witnesses who heard screaming, two girls escaped their home and were on the front porch, obviously bleeding. The mother was inside the home, still being attacked. Neighbors called the police, and one of the responding officers shot and killed the dog, to prevent it from causing further harm. All three of the victims suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries and were hospitalized at Medical Center of McKinney.

Most dog bites are caused by the victims’ own dog or a dog they are familiar with. Tragic incidents such as this one, where a pit bull attacks its owner, adds to an ever-growing body of evidence that the pit bull breed is a danger to society and should be banned. Pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds because of their powerful jaws and tenacious instinct for clamping down and not letting go. The reason Chihuahua or poodle bites, for example, don’t make the news is that they don’t cause the extent of damage that pit bulls cause.

Virtually all dog experts agree that dog breeds should not be banned because if the dog turns out to be a danger, it is not the pit bull’s fault. The owner is responsible for a dog’s behavior. There is a greater level of responsibility that should come with owning a pit bull because the dogs often cause serious injuries, and pit bulls cause the clear majority of dog attack fatalities.

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