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Mauling Death of a Jogger by Cane Corsos

Friday, August 29th, 2014
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In July, 46-year-old Craig Sytsma of Michigan died as a result of being attacked by two Cane Corso dogs as he was jogging on a rural road. Once help could finally get to him, it was already too late. He suffered from multiple bites on his thigh, arms, chest, buttocks, and back and was pronounced dead later that day. The dogs were euthanized after the deadly mauling, and this week the owners of the dogs were charged with second degree murder.

The two dogs that attacked Sytsma weighed over 100 pounds each and had tunneled their way out of their yard that morning. Neighbors were horrified as they heard desperate cries for help as the man was dragged into a ditch and relentlessly attacked. One neighbor was finally able to get the massive dogs away by shooting at them.

This was purportedly not the first time or even the second time the same dogs had attacked someone. In 2012, they attacked 25-year-old April Smith; and in November of 2013, they attacked 73-year-old James Salego.

With the dogs being a known danger, many question whether animal control should have done more to protect the public.

Cane Corsos make most lists of the most dangerous types of dogs, being among the fighting breeds; but it is a breed that is virtually never singled out for restriction in communities. Pit bulls, on the other hand, have been banned or strictly regulated in many cities in the U.S. Texas and every state has its own laws regarding dangerous dogs and how to deal with the threat.

It should be indisputable, however, that dogs known to be dangerous should either be euthanized or strictly kept away from people, so as not to do harm. It is a horrible tragedy that three children have lost their father because of a dog attack by pets known to be a danger.

–Guest Contributor


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