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Dog Bite Attorney: Residents in Killeen, Texas, are Warned about the Rabies Virus Found in Skunks – Part 3

Friday, June 6th, 2014
English: A spotted dog from Kalimpong, West Be...

English: A spotted dog from Kalimpong, West Bengal, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signs and Symptoms of Rabies in Dogs

Some of the initial signs that a dog has contracted rabies include:

  • Extreme changes in behavior, such as timidity and restlessness, which are sometimes compounded by aggressiveness.
  • Dogs that are normally friendly may become irritable.
  • High-energy, excitable dogs may become docile.
  • Any form of stimulus could cause an infected dog to snap or bite.
  • The dog may chew, bite, and constantly lick the site where the bite occurred.
  • Possibly a fever.

As the rabies virus progresses in a dog, he or she may:

  • Become hypersensitive to sound, light, and touch.
  • Hide in dark places.
  • Eat unusual things.
  • Develop paralysis of the throat, sometimes followed by paralysis of jaw muscles.
  • Foam at the mouth.
  • Stagger and exhibit incoordination and disorientation.
  • Develop paralysis of the hind legs.
  • Become weak.
  • Have seizures.
  • Experience loss of appetite.
  • Die.

The animals most at risk for a rabies virus infection are unvaccinated dogs who roam freely without supervision. These dogs are exposed to animals in the wild and have an increased chance of getting into a fight with infected stray cats or dogs.

For more information, see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this ongoing series, which will include signs and symptoms of rabies in humans.

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