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A Woman is Killed by a Bullmastiff/Pit Bull Mix Known to be a Danger

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
A male Bullmastiff.

A male Bullmastiff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Colorado, a woman is currently facing manslaughter charges for recklessly allowing a dog known to be a danger to run loose without supervision; the dog killed a woman.  The owner of the dog is also charged; she is accused of harboring a vicious animal.

An affidavit in relation to this dog attack fatality states that another dog from the same litter killed a 5-year-old boy in June.

The bullmastiff/pit-bull mix that killed the 75 year-old woman on November 21 bit a neighbor in the face as well as a family member two months before the fatal incident.  The police department investigating this case found that the dog has a clear history of aggression and has snapped at or bitten people on multiple occasions.

The fact that this dog has been a clear danger for some time before this fatal incident indicates that there is something wrong with the legal system.  Legal action should have been taken previously, to provide incentive for the owner to protect the public.  No meaningful actions were taken, and it cost a precious life.

Laws in Texas and elsewhere should be changed so that dangerous dogs are prevented from injuring or killing people.  Current laws provide no effective deterrent which would discourage people from owning dangerous dogs without taking special pains to ensure that they will not pose a threat to society.  The type of strict laws which should probably be enacted would no doubt penalize responsible pet owners while seeking to punish those who are irresponsible; but if changes save even one life, all sacrifices would be worthwhile.

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