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A Dog Freezes to Death in Longview, Texas; the Owner is Charged with Animal Cruelty

Friday, January 10th, 2014
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The Longview Police Department investigated an animal welfare call Tuesday morning on 13th Street in Longview, Texas.  They discovered a chained dog that appeared to have frozen to death.  The owner had not provided the animal with any type of food, water, or shelter from the cold.  The police said that they will be filing class A misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against the dog’s owner.

The Longview Police and Animal Control departments encourage citizens to take special care of pets during sub-freezing temperatures.  Dogs should have adequate water, food, and shelter.  Anyone who cannot provide for their pet is urged to contact the local Humane Society or animal control.

The following are some tips for keeping animals safe in cold weather:

  • Keep cats inside.  Sometimes cats sleep under car hoods to keep warm, and they can be killed when the motor is started.
  • Dogs are lost in winter more than any other time, and this is partly because it is easy for them to lose their scent in snowy conditions.  Never let your dog off-leash in ice or snow, particularly during a snowstorm.
  • When your dog comes inside from walking in the snow, ice, or sleet, clean his paws and legs carefully.  Otherwise, he could ingest antifreeze, salt, or other dangerous chemicals when licking his paws.  A dog’s paws will also sometimes bleed from encrusted ice or snow.
  • Leave your dog’s coat long in winter; never shave pets in winter.  The longer coat provides more warmth.  Be sure to dry your dog completely after washing in winter, particularly before going outside.
  • Animals can freeze to death in cars because in arctic temperatures, the car becomes like a freezer-refrigerator.  Never leave your pet in the car in freezing weather.
  • Antifreeze is a dangerous and deadly poison for dogs and cats, as is coolant.  Protect your pet from possibly licking spills from automobiles.
  • Animals should have a bed up off the cold floor during wintry weather.

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