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Important Information Texans May Not Know About Dog Bites and Infection

Thursday, January 31st, 2013
satan dog bite

Dog bite wounds (Photo credit: boltron-)

In tragic news today, Robin Sullins of Leander, Texas, is still fighting for her life after contracting an infection from a dog bite. Both of 48-year-old Sullins’ legs have been amputated below the knee as well as most of her fingers as a result of a dog bite which occurred on Christmas Day 2012. The infection was caused by a rare reaction to bacteria that is common in dog saliva. Hers is a devastating and rare case; but dog bites commonly put people at risk for infection, including potentially deadly infection. The risk for possibly life-threatening transmission of pathogens from canines is something many pet owners are unaware of.

Dog bites are a significant cause of injury among Americans, particularly children. Bites which have the highest morbidity potential are those to the forearms, hands, head, and neck. Common agents of disease from dog bites include P multocida, oral anaerobes, MRSA, and C canimorsus.

Bite infections often contain a blend of aerobes and anaerobes from the dog’s oral cavity and from the patient’s skin, including species of Streptococcus, Pasteurella, Capnocytophaga, and Fusobacterium. While the scientific terms can be difficult to grasp, the simple explanation is that domestic dog bites can cause fatalities resulting from infection. Some conditions caused by pathogens from dog bites include:

• Meningitis
• Septic shock
• Edocarditis, which is inflammation inside the heart valve lining or the heart chamber lining
• Acute sequelae, which is any abnormal medical condition following and resulting from injury, treatment, or disease

Learn more about dog bites and resulting infections in this continuing series.

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