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A Toddler and his Father are Attacked by a Great Pyrenees in Waco, Texas

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Great Pyrenees (Photo credit: RNCB)

Gerardo Arias, age 34, and his 1-year-old son were attacked by a Great Pyrenees at a relative’s home on Sunday. Waco, Texas, police responded to a call regarding the dog attack, which occurred on Bowers Street. They found that the toddler was suffering from bite wounds on his face, and Arias had serious bites on his forearm as well as a large cut on his ribcage. Both victims were transported to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. Arias was treated and released Sunday. Police did not think the toddler’s injuries were life-threatening; no further information about the boy’s condition has been released.

The dog, which belongs to the 1-year-old’s grandmother, was taken into custody by Waco Animal Control and will be quarantined and tested for rabies.

According to Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department, the small boy was playing with a soccer ball in the yard of Arias’ in-laws. The ball went near the pen where the dog was; and when the child went to retrieve the ball, he was attacked by the dog. Arias was also attacked as he tried to rescue his son from further injury.

Waco Animal Control issued citations to the dog’s owner because the dog was not spayed or neutered and did not have vaccinations.

The Great Pyrenees (Pyr) is a breed known for being gentle, calm, cool, and imperturbable. These dogs tend to be very territorial and protective of their family, but they are mostly considered laid back and highly tolerant of children as well as small dogs.

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